The water levels in Siang river are rising steadily inching towards the danger mark with the Pasighat airport coming under threat.

The water level of the Siang river has risen by over 3 metres in Pasighat. Dozens of drums were seen floating on the Siang river raising the apprehensions even further.

Erosion has also started along side the river with an increased flow of water gushing downstream from the Yarlung Tsangpo on the Chinese side.

In fact the brute force of the water also washed away the water level measuring stand in Pasighat giving clear indications that levels are steadily rising in the area.

Meanwhile, as many as 300 NDRF personnel are already stationed in Pasighat to tackle any eventuality.

Over 50 thousand people face an immediate threat if the landslide created blockade at Yarlung Tsangpo in Tibet’s Milin section is to burst leading to gushing of water at the rate of 80 thousand cubic metres per second.

Water at a speed of 18,000 cubic metres per second is gushing downstream towards the Siang river in Arunachal Pradesh from the blockade at Yarlung Tsangpo.

NDRF team in Assam is also on standby to extend all possible help to Arunachal in case of a crisis. The Army and Indian Air Force have also been put on high alert in Arunachal and even in Assam.

The Centre is also mobilising all resources for a massive emergency operation if necessary and has kept the Army n full readiness to deal with the situation.

A barrier lake was formed on the Yarlung Tsangpo, the headwater that feeds into Brahmaputra River, after the Wednesday morning collapse of a cliff in the deep valley through which the river flows creating a blockade.

Currently water is overflowing from over the blockade gushing downstream at a speed of 18 thousand cubic metres per second.


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