The East Sing district administration in Arunachal Pradesh has issued a high alert following apprehensions that a blockade in the Yarlung Tsangpo river in China caused due to an avalanche may burst any time causing sudden flash floods in the downstream areas along the Siang and Brahmaputra rivers that may cause massive cause loss to life and property.

The East Siang district administration has cautioned the general public not to venture into the river or around its periphery as a preventive measure.

Moreover, the district administration has directed the general public not to collect logs, trees, bamboo clams or any other vegetative materials from the banks of the river as it might serve as a Natural Flood Control Mechanism.

The administration has warned that any violators would be charged under section 188 of the India Penal Code.

Meanwhile, according to an Associated Press report, around 6,000 people have been evacuated on the Chinese side following a landslide in Tibet that blocked the flow of Yarlung Tsangpo.

A barrier lake was formed on the Yarlung Tsangpo, the headwater of India’s Brahmaputra River, following the Wednesday morning collapse of a cliff in the deep valley through which the river flows.

The report also said China has been keeping India updated on the blockage, which could potentially affect water levels in lower regions.

With its towering peaks and glaciers, Tibet is the source of numerous Asian rivers, adding to China’s strategic influence over its southern neighbors.

Fast rising temperatures have caused those glaciers to melt at an increasing pace, throwing a shadow over future water resources for China and other Asian nations.


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