Arunachal East, MP Ninong Ering has written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi regarding China’s transgression into Indian territory, demanding an intervention.

In his letter addressed to the Prime Minister, Ering said that the PM should ask China to respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of India for a peaceful co-existence.

He further stated that the Government of India must assert the territorial integrity of the country in a firm manner.

The Chinese army transgressed into Indian territory in Arunachal Pradesh but had to retreat when confronted by Indian troops at Anini heights in the Upper Dibang valley district of Aruncahal Pradesh last month and has since been confirmed by defence sources.

The presence of a small detachment of Chinese PLA troops were first reported to the Indian army by local hunters following which Indian troops reached the spot and confronted the Chinese.

When told that they were in Indian Territory, the PLA soldiers retreated. Indian authority said such transgression often take place along the border because of varying perceptions about the line of actual control.


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