United Nations Human Rights experts have urged the Indian Government to complete thorough investigations into the alleged killings by security forces in Manipur after failing to meet the deadline set by the Supreme Court for inquiries into the case.

The United Nations Human Rights experts expressed concern over the delay in the investigation process alleging that the delay appeared to be deliberate, undue and unreasonable. The United Nations Human Rights experts also further condemned the lack of progress in the cases.

The experts slammed the Central Bureau of Investigation which is investigating the cases of alleged fake encounters in Manipur for failing to meet the Supreme Court deadline of June 30 of completing investigations into 50 cases of alleged fake killings by Security Forces in Manipur.

Notably, the CBI had already missed three deadlines set by the Supreme Court to complete investigation into the cases. However, the CBI has failed to meet all the three deadlines.

In 2016, the Supreme Court had set a deadline of December 31, 2017 for completing investigations of 89 cases. But by the deadline, only 12 cases had been registered. The apex Court then set another deadline of February 28 this year for these case, but by March 12 only 42 cases had been registered.

Finally the Supreme had ordered investigations to be completed and report be filed by June 30 this year. But in the hearing last Monday i.e. on July 2, the CBI failed to submit the required report and also indicated that it had completed investigations into only four cases.

The United Nations Human Rights experts also alleged that human rights defenders associated with the cases had faced harassment by the authorities and had even been attacked by unidentified miscreants.