Man-elephant conflict continues to be a cause of concern in Assam. Elephants have come out of the confines of the Kaziranga National Park due to excessive flooding and food shortage in the park areas.

This has led to unrest among the villages near the park’s periphery as the pack of jumbos have started targeting these villages for food while raiding human settlements and farmlands. The failure of the forest department to provide any solution to the matter has infuriated the people, leading to protest in front of the DFO’s office.

Earlier this morning, a wild elephant blocked a National Highway causing traffic to stall on both sides of the road. The incident happened near Rengbeng at Kothiatoli in Nagaon district where an elephant strolled on the road causing panic among the local people.

Traffic was stalled on the road for a long time before the jumbo was finally driven off by the local people with help from forest department officials. The elephant have been causing havoc in the area since few days now and have even attacked human settlements and farmlands.