Floods in Assam continue to be a major issue as several parts of the state remain affected. Demow town in Sivasagar district has been reeling under severe floods. Residents of the Srimanta Nagar locality of the town are facing huge problems as floods have submerged most houses with no help from the authorities for the flood affected people.

Rising waters of the Disang and Diroi rivers have caused heavy floods at the Thawra constituency in Sivasagar district. Several villages of the Bokota Khamung region have faced heavy floods with most houses submerged in flood water.

The connecting road between Bokota Khamung and Nemuguri has submerged in knee deep flood waters hindering connectivity in the region.

Lakhimpur district too continues to reel under severe floods as several parts remain affected. People of Nowboicha are facing immense hardships as they remain deprived of proper shelter after the devastating floods washed away everything.

Lakhimpur flood4

Member of Parliament from Lakhimpur Pradan Baruah took a tour of the flood affected areas and took stock of the situation. Baruah toured around the region along with some government officials. Local people have demanded that the embankments along the rivers be repaired immediately to avoid further problems.