Tourism in Shillong has taken a hit. The recent tensions that engulfed the pine city has definitely taken a toll on tourism, which is one of the prime earning sectors of Meghalaya.

The tension that remained for over a period has resulted in a low inflow of tourists ever since the curfew got lifted. While taxi services between Guwahati and Shillong have resumed, tourists are still to come in large droves as they should during this time of the year, as it is the peak season for tourists.

Local businesses have taken a hit due to this as they largely thrive on the huge tourist inflow at this time of the year. The few tourists, who have turned up to enjoy the beauty of Shillong, have noticed that things are not as they should be.

While there are far lesser tourists in and around the city, the prices of goods have also taken an inflationary hit that is quite unusual. All the while, everyone remembers that only a few days back, things were not normal in the picturesque city.


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