Protesters associated with the Land Affected People Forum Joram to Koloriang Road in Arunachal Pradesh have resorted to protest over non-payment of their compensation money.

The protesters, who fall under the Pistana and Deed circles, have called for an indefinite bandh from May 7 onward and have put up a road blockade on the route giving entry to Kra Daadi and Kurung Kumey districts of Arunachal Pradesh.

According to the people associated to the Forum, the compensations for the land affected people of the area is due to the construction of the Trans Arunachal Highway project are yet pending.

As per the protestors, the compensations for the concerned areas have already been assessed in 2012, but till date, no amount of the compensation has been disbursed to the affected people.

The other areas where the assessment of compensation was made at a later date have got their amounts duly distributed but not to the people of Pistana and Deed circles. The affected people are also alleging that political corruption has played a major part in their compensation being delayed.

The protestors are also demanding for the recalling of the Deputy Commissioner Kemo Lollen, who the protestors allege has been transferred due to political reasons and to keep their compensation from being handed out to them.

Land affected people of Joram to Koloriang in Arunachal Pradesh are protesting over non payment of compensation money and are also alleging that mass political corruption
is being practiced within the state.