Following vehement protest across Assam, the state government has now decided to move the Centre to reconsider the decision to offer Kaziranga National Park, Rang Ghar, Kareng Ghar and Siva Doul for corporate adoption under theĀ ‘Adopt a Heritage’ scheme for five years.

The government also assured the protesting organisations that it will apprise the Centre of the public sentiment against the scheme. Tourism minister Chandan Brahma, said the organisations are not opposed to development of tourist facilities at the sites but to handing over the sites to private parties, apprehending privatisation of the sites.

He said the organisations want corporate bodies to give funds under corporate social responsibility and the government to carry out the development. He also said there are legal problems in including Kaziranga and Siva Doul under the scheme as the park is under the forest department and Siva Doul under the state directorate of archaeology.