The Director of the NIT Yupia, Arunachal Pradesh, Professor Rajiv Kumar Garg, has allegedly resigned from his post after getting life-threatening calls.

In this regard, the president of All Arunachal Pradesh Student’s Union Hawa Bagang has a different story, reportedly he had called the MHRD and he was informed by the Ministry that on April 12 the Director of the institute had tendered his papers to the MHRD informing that his life is in danger.

However, the president of the Student’s Union has informed media personnel that the Director of NIT Yupia had resigned owing to his health issues.

Meanwhile, things have taken another twist with the AAPSU stating that the students union will not allow the Director to leave the premises and added that the students union would do so only after investigating the matter.

Surprisingly, the Registrar in-charge Dr. M.K Shone was unaware about the resignation until he was informed by other sources in the campus.