Outlawed insurgent groups in Manipur are now targeting the artists in the state. Insurgent outfit, KCP war group has allegedly served extortion notices to artistes body Apunba Manipur Matam Eshei Kang-lup.

This body of renowned artistes has now decided to suspend all cultural shows along with other cultural activities in the state fearing threat to lives of the artists. President of AMMIK, Sagos-lem Tijendra disclosed that a insurgent outfit based in Manipur, the KCP war group has served extortion notices to a number of artists of the state.

Sagos-lem also termed the act as an unfortunate one. Members of the AMMIK also staged a sit in protest at Moi-rang-khom today demanding safety and security of all those associated with the cultural sector in the state. Members of the state’s film fraternity also took part in the sit-in protest.


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