Historic landing in Arunachal’s Tuting

Located in the midst of high hills in a narrow valley, the landing ground which is only 30 km from China is challenging.

The Indian Air Force carried out a historic landing at Tuting Advanced Landing Ground ALG near China border in Arunachal Pradesh on Tuesday. The C-17 Globemaster transport aircraft’s flight crew included Group Captain K Rama Rao, Wing Commander Amiya Kant Patnaik, Wing Commander K Trivedi and Squadron Leader L Nayak.

After completion of the trial landing the C17 carried out a mission demonstrating the aircraft’s operational performance and capability of tactical air mobility of the Indian Air Force. The landing comes after over a year when the Tuting ALG was upgraded on December 30, 2016 with a full-fledged runway along with all the associated facilities.

The strategic location of Tuting ALG will make it a launching pad for IAF operations as well as facilitate the Administration in the management of border areas.

The ALG will also be used to bring in vital supplies from cities in Assam via fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters, besides meeting challenges during natural calamities.

Tuting landing