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Watch: Bengaluru woman shocked to find live Cobra in her Amazon package

First Published: 19th June, 2024 16:58 IST

The woman received a complete refund and the company is investigating the incident

Who does not love free gifts or buy-one-get-one-free offers while shopping? However, a woman in Bengaluru got the shock of her life when she found her “free gift” was a live slithering cobra inside her Amazon package.

The woman residing on Sarjapur Road, Bengaluru, had ordered an Xbox controller from an online retailer, but her excitement quickly turned to panic when she found the highly venomous snake slithering inside the parcel alongside her purchase.

Thankfully, the venomous snake was stuck to packaging tape, and could not harm her.

Despite the initial shock, she managed to take a video of the incident and share it on social media.

The video shows a partially opened Amazon parcel inside a bucket and the cobra stuck in the packaging tape attempting to escape.

Watch the video here:

The snake has been identified as a possible Spectacled Cobra, a highly venomous snake species indigenous to Karnataka. It was apparently caught and then set free in a secure location away from prying eyes.

In response to the video, Amazon Help said, ”We’re sorry to know about the inconvenience you’ve had with the Amazon order. We’d like to have this checked. Please share the required details here, and our team will get back to you soon with an update.”

The company is investigating the incident, said Amazon India.

The woman further informed that she received a complete refund, but wondered “what did they get for risking their lives with a highly venomous snake.”

“This is a safety breach caused solely by Amazon’s negligence and their poor transportation/warehousing hygiene and supervision,” she alleged.



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