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Not a cockroach or a lizard, this time Air India passenger finds metal blade inside his in-flight meal

First Published: 17th June, 2024 17:50 IST

The airline said that the blade was a part of the food vendor's vegetable-chopping machine.

Having any kind of meal outside the home has turned into a distressing and nightmarish experience for many, as very often, they find themselves unpleasantly surprised by the presence of live insects, dead animals, and even human body parts in their meals.

In a fresh incident, an Air India passenger has now claimed to have found a metal blade inside his in-flight meal from Bengaluru to San Francisco.

Mathures Paul, a journalist, took to X and shared his ordeal aboard Air India AI 175 flight last week. Paul said that he felt a bit of metal in his lips while enjoying his roasted sweet potato and fig chaat during his journey. Upon inspecting it, he realised it was a metal blade.

Paul shared an image of the bowl showing the metal blade next to the food and wrote, “Air India food can cut like a knife. Hiding in its roasted sweet potato and fig chaat was a metal piece that looked like a blade. I got a feel of it only after chewing the grub for a few seconds. Thankfully, no harm was done. Of course, the blame squarely lies with Air India’s catering service but the incident doesn’t help the image I have of Air India. What if the metal piece was in the food served to a child? First picture shows the metal piece that I spat out and the second picture shows the meal before it put metal into my life.”

Paul highlighted the serious consequences of the mistake, raising the question of what might have happened if a youngster had been fed the meal.

Responding to Paul’s post, Air India said, “Dear Mr. Paul, we are sorry to know about this. This does not represent the level of service we aim to provide to our passengers. Please DM us your booking details along with your seat number. We will ensure this matter is promptly reviewed and addressed.”

According to reports, Air India contacted Paul and offered a one-way business class ticket that could be used for up to a year on any Air India route.

However, Paul reportedly declined the offer, terming the gesture as a ‘bribe’.

Later, the airline said that the blade was a part of the food vendor’s vegetable-chopping machine.

“Air India confirms that a foreign object was found in the meal of a guest aboard one of our flights. After investigation, it has been identified as coming from the vegetable processing machine used at the facilities of our catering partner,” Rajesh Dogra, Chief Customer Experience Officer, Air India told ANI.

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