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Good Job Mizoram Police! Exotic wildlife rescued; smuggler held; series of big breakthroughs in 2022

First Published: 27th December, 2022 14:42 IST

it has been a series of breakthrough for the Mizoram Police after a number of rackets involved in smuggling of exotic wildlife species have been busted this year. This proves

The Mizoram Police has not let it’s guard down against smugglers involved in illegal trade of narcotics and exotic wildlife species. It was on December 25 when alert Mizoram Police swung into action after receiving inputs about the movement of a wildlife smuggling racket amid the Christmas festivities.

Accordingly necessary actions were followed up, as police finally managed to zero in on the smuggling racket and intercepted a vehicle at Saiphai police out-post in Kolasib district. Upon frisking the vehicle, 2 Colobus Monkeys and 1 Crocodile was recovered and the driver was arrested, identified as Jakir Hussain Barbhuiya, a resident of Cachar district in Assam. Meanwhile, futher probe into the matter is underway to bust the smuggling racket which perhaps might be operating from the other side of the International Border.

Meanwhile, it has been a series of breakthrough for the Mizoram Police after a number of rackets involved in smuggling of exotic wildlife species have been busted this year. This proves the very fact that there has been a spurt in such activities.

  1. December 17- The Mizoram Custom Preventive Force in a recent crack down intercepted a vehicle at a checkpoint near Champhai’s Mualkawi area and seized at 20 exotic animals and birds.
    These include —
    • 4 Marmoset Monkeys
    • 2 Capybara
    • 13 Solomon Cockatoos
    • 1 Macaw Parrot
    It has been suspected that the exotic animals were smuggled from Myanmar through the international border.
  2. October 15– Among the big breakthroughs include, seizure and rescue of 140 different exotic animals in Champhai district. It was another huge success for the Mizoram Police and the Champhai Excise & Narcotics Department, early in the morning when 140 exotic animals and birds, suspected to be smuggled from Myanmar were rescued. Three vehicles and 3 persons were arrested in connection with the case. The rescued animals included
    Tortoise – 30
    Monkey – 2
    Marmoset monkey -2
    Python – 22
    Sumatran Water Monitor –
    Crocodile (Hatchlings) – 55
    Flame powerbird – 4
    Servel cat – 4
    Marmoset – 2
    Albino wallaby – 1
  3. September 24 Alert and vigilant Saiphai Police Outpost (Kolasib District) team recovered and rescued 19 exotic wildlife species, being illegally smuggled in a vehicle. Rescued species included –
    6 gibbons,
    3 small monkeys and
    10 different reptiles.
    2 person hailing from Assam were arrested in connection with the case.
  4. September 16 Khawzawl Police at Tuisenphai Check gate rescued 3 exotic wildlife species, suspected to be smuggled from Myanmar from a vehicle. 2 persons were also arrested in connection with the case. Rescued species included-
    2 spider monkeys (female with a baby) and
    1 Indri Lemur.
  5. In May, the Mizoram Police had seized the largest consignment of exotic animals so far. The seizure took place at Chalbawiha Junction near the check gate. 5 persons were arrested in connection with the case. The seized animals included-
    442 Lizards
    11 Snakes
    4 Three-toed Sloths
    4 Tortoises
    4 Pottos (a primate found in tropical Africa)
    2 Beavers
    1 Wild Cat
  6. August 25 Mizoram police recovered 9 exotic species of wildlife at Vairengte along the MIzoram-Assam border. Alert and vigilant Vairengte police deployed at a check gate rescued the nine exotic wildlife species being smuggled in a vehicle.The rescued species included-
    2 Capybara and
    7 Grey monkeys



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