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Feeling depressed, anxious? It could be your favourite French Fries doing this to you

First Published: 25th April, 2023 17:21 IST

French fries, a universal favourite, is barely considered healthy because of their greasiness, their greasiness and fat content

French fries are irresistible. Young or old, people of all age group, anywhere in the world love them. They are a fun, tasty, anytime snack. But they have never been considered healthy. So what? No one can say no to these tasty, moderately sliced and fried potato strips.

But sadly, a recent study has found that too much to French fries in the system could actually trigger depression and anxiety.

A study conducted by Chinese researchers, found that fried food, particularly French fries, may harm your mental health. The research’s findings were published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS).

The research team said that their goal was to determine how fried meals, which are known to increase the risk of obesity, high blood pressure, and other lifestyle disorders, would impact a person’s mental health.

For 11.3 years, they evaluated and tested 140,728 people for the study. Participants who received a diagnosis of depression within the first two years of the trial were initially disqualified. Among the others, a total of 12,735 cases of depression and 8,294 cases of anxiety were linked to eating fried food.

In fact, it was found that those who had fried white meat, such as chicken, had lower rates of depression than those who consumed French fries (fried potatoes).

Here are the opinions of experts and research findings on the effects of French Fries on mental health

In their study, the researchers found that eating “fried potatoes” was linked to a 12 percent higher risk of anxiety and a 7 percent higher risk of depression than persons who didn’t consume fried foods. They said that “younger men and younger consumers” were more likely to notice it.



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