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Assam CM Himanta Biswa Sarma extends Gothar Bathou Sun greetings to Bodo community

First Published: 24th January, 2023 9:45 IST

Bathou means five principles namely bar (air), oor (fire), ha (earth), dwi (water) and okhrang (sky)

Assam Chief Minister extended greetings to the Bodo community on the occasion of Gothar Bathou Sun also known as Bathou Puja.

“गोथार बाथौ साननि गोथार बुब्लियाव गासैबो बाथौ सिबियारिफोरनिसिम गोजोन हामब्लायनाय बाउहरबाय। गासैनिबो जिउआव सुखु गोजोन, गोग्गो सावस्रि आरो समाजाव गोजोन खौसेथिनि बार बारथों बेखौनो आफा बोराइ बाथौनि सेराव आं आर’ज गाबबाय।
दहाय बोराइ बाथौ।“, tweets CM Sarma.

Gothar Bathou Sun or Bathou Puja is a religious festival of the Bodo and Kachari communities of Assam.

Bathou means five principles namely bar (air), oor (fire), ha (earth), dwi (water) and okhrang (sky).

In Bathou Puja, the people of Bodo community offers prayers to God and a cactus called Bwrai Bathou is used as a part of the rituals.

There are three different forms of Bathou Puja – Garja, Kheari, Marai. The Bodo-Kacharies of Assam belong to the great Bodo Group of Indo-Mongoloid family and are believed to have their origins in Tibet and China. The Bodos’ basic occupation is agriculture and they still use traditional methods of farming and irrigation.

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