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First Published: 10th January, 2023 19:17 IST

The video has been shot at a restaurant but the location is not known. The video has now gone viral and has shocked the internet users.

The Internet is full of videos of people attempting to do bizarre things. Adding to the list is a video of two women dining with a python on a table. The video has been shot at a restaurant but the location is not known. The video has now gone viral and has shocked the internet users. But there is a twist. If one looks closely, the snake is seen on the table with computer animation or using filters available on various social media applications, reported NDTV.

In the video, the women are seen having dinner with the huge reptile. They don’t seem to be bothered by the snake and its huge size. It also appears that the people sitting behind or around them are unaffected by the animal present so close to them. At one point in the video, it seems the python is resting its head on the food plate. As the python moves, its mouth becomes extremely close to the woman sitting on the right-hand side, said NDTV reports.

Watch the video below:

The video was shared by Ilhan Atalay on Instagram and has been captioned as, “Eating dinner with python snake give it to him too so he won’t starve.” Since being shared on December 8, the clip has amassed 10 million views and 74,000 likes. 

Many viewers who thought the snake was real made comments about how they would never participate in such an activity. Others, on the other hand, were left speechless and claimed that the women used a python filter to frighten others.

“Nope . Never going to happen.” said a user.

A second person said, “Clearly don’t make any sense.” “This is madness,” said a user. 

Clearing the air around the ‘shocking’ video, a user said, “Computer animation, not a real snake, look closer, its floating folks pay attention.” 

“Nice editing,” added another person. 

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