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Sheikh Mohammad bin Zayed elected UAE President

UAE president Sheikh Mohamed was elected by the Federal Supreme Council.

The UAE’s long-time de facto ruler Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan was elected as UAE president on Saturday after the death of former leader Sheikh Khalifa.

Sheikh Mohamed was elected by the Federal Supreme Council becoming the ruler of the oil-rich country founded by his father in 1971.

Sheikh Mohamed, often known as ‘MBZ’, met members of the Federal Supreme Council, made up of rulers of the UAE’s seven emirates, as the oil-rich country enters a period of mourning for his half-brother Sheikh Khalifa.

The rulers of the UAE’s seven sheikhdoms made the decision at a meeting. It comes after Sheikh Khalifa died on Friday at age 73.

Sheikh Mohamed began wielding power in a period when his half-brother Sheikh Khalifa suffered bouts of illness, including a stroke in 2014.

Under his low-key direction, the UAE has put a man in space, sent a probe to Mars, and opened its first nuclear reactor.

MBZ led a realignment of the Middle East that created a new anti-Iran axis with Israel. He also bolstered the military might of the UAE which, coupled with its oil wealth and business hub status, extended Emirati influence in the region and beyond.

Under his leadership, the UAE took on a more military-focused approach in the region, joining Saudi Arabia in their bloody, years-long war in Yemen that still rages to this day.

First Published: 14th May, 2022 18:30 IST



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