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Y Patton’s ‘hard hitting’ address on Naga issue

A country cannot have two separate flags, Y Patton said.

Nagaland Deputy CM and top BJP leader Y Patton has said his party’s central leaders have categorically stated that the demand for a separate flag and constitution for the Nagas cannot be conceded.

Addressing a Central Naga Tribes Council event at Wokha on May 13, Patton said the government leaders in Delhi have no problem with Nagas using their flag for private occasions but would not favour the use of a separate flag on government premises or events.

He quoted the central leaders as saying a country cannot have two separate flags.

In a hard-hitting address, Patton said it was high time the Nagas started speaking out bluntly and clearly on what they wanted by way of a solution to the protracted peace talks. He said some leaders of rebel groups may not actually want a solution.

The Deputy CM made another significant statement saying a solution has to be arrived at before the next Nagaland Assembly elections.

He said that he has clearly told the central leaders that no elected legislator would like to step down after going through the elaborate and hugely expensive election process.

Therefore, he said, reaching a solution before the polls were necessary.

Patton said the Centre was offering a solution soon after the 2015 Framework Agreement of the NSCN IM and the Agreed Position of the NNPGs were signed.

He said Delhi offered an 80 percent solution minus the flag and constitution on which, the centre said, the discussion could go on. Patton ended by urging Nagas to adopt a strong resolution to push for an early solution.

While Patton made this statement at Wokha on May 13, a couple of days later, former Nagaland Chief Minister and veteran politician SC Jamir also told Northeast Live that during his meeting with the PM and HM it was made clear that separate Flag and constitution were not a part of the agreement.

First Published: 19th May, 2022 17:46 IST



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