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Meghalaya: Mallangkona Police Outpost, built with people’s contribution inaugurated by CM Conrad Sangma

First Published: 21st June, 2024 20:48 IST

Speaking on the occasion, CM Conrad Sangma said that in other critical locations across the state similar police setups would be put in place to ensure protection of the citizens.

This perhaps may be the first-of-it’s kind occurence in the Northeast, where people in a Meghalaya’s interior village came forward to help the government build a police outpost.

Although established in 2019 itself, the Mallangkona Police Outpost got a state-of-the-art infrastructure following its launch by Meghalaya Chief Minister Conrad Sangma.

Sharing his thoughts on what makes the Mallangkona Police Outpost all the more special, CM Conrad Sangma said, “But the beauty of this building is that while money came for the materials from here, the people of this village have contributed in terms of manpower, they came as labourers and worked themselves and even contributed by giving building materials. Even the SP and DC at their personal level have come here and monitored things. So this is a very good and great example of the society coming together and sending a very strong message to the state. We will encourage that in other locations also when such types of projects come up, the community can be part of the project, it sends a very strong message. So I congratulate our Deputy CM in charge of Home and Police department and everyone else who made this project a success.”

Highlighting the significane of the Mallangkona Police outpost and affirming his responsibility to protect the people of the state, CM Conrad Sangma said, “We are here in Mallangkona today, we have inaugurated the new building of the Mallangkona outpost. This had been a very long pending demand of the people out here. There are two things I want to specifically mention about this- Number one this is a very strong message and a symbol that safety and security of our people is important. We want to show that it won’t be just here, but in all the different parts of the state, wherever such critical locations are there. We will ensure that sufficient infrastructure and manpower is provided in different locations.
Number 2, we would also like to state that this building was made through the PIRF fund which is now made available to the SPs, to have a flexible fund where they can untilize it to repair or do new construction at their own district level without taking approval from the state government.”



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