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Myanmar violence triggers fear of influx of more refugees in Mizoram

Over 4,000 displaced people from Chin state crossed over to Mizoram during the past few weeks taking the official number of refugees higher day by day. Due to frequent armed

Over 4,000 displaced people from Chin state crossed over to Mizoram during the past few weeks taking the official number of refugees higher day by day.

Due to frequent armed clashes between the Myanmar army and the local resistance groups in the Chin state, Mizoram is now housing over 20,000 Chin refugees across the state.

With the violence continuing unabated there are worries about another phase of the influx of Myanmar nationals into Mizoram.

The Myanmarese have had to undergo perilous journeys to reach the safety of Mizoram and India.

The refugees have walked for up to a week over some of the most rugged mountains and jungle terrains in the world. Fording deep, fast-flowing rivers, most with just the clothes they are wearing, the refugees, including old people and small children, lived off bamboo shoot and fish and were supported by the meagre hospitality of poverty-stricken villagers along the way.

The entire task of hosting refugees is being handled by village communities organised by powerful institutions like the Young Mizo Association and the Mizo Churches that have also been organising fundraisers and distributing relief.

The refugees are taking shelter in various districts in Mizoram. Mamit district authorities have undertaken a spot verification of Myanmarese at various villages of the district.

The districts had previously recorded 92 Myanmarese seeking refuge in villages like Ailawng, Khawrihmim, Lengte, Nghalchawm, Reiek, Dapchhuah, Dampui, Mamit Luangpawl, Mamit Venghlun and Zamuang villages.

However, the authorities have stated that the numbers will witness a rise, once official records are taken into context. It is believed that 4000 Myanmarese have taken refuge in various parts of Champai.

Currently, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) within the district are taking up the task of providing the necessities required for the Myanmarese. Lunglei on the other hand has more than 1500 Myanmarese nationals taking refuge.

Myanmar Refugees Nodal Officer of Myanmar refugees of Lawngtlai, TT Beikhaizi has informed that 4,826 Myanmar nationals seeking refuge in Lawngtlai district.

First Published: 3rd February, 2022 18:19 IST



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