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Ambubachi Mela 2022 begins today; know its significance

The Ambubachi Mela (2022), the biggest concentration of devotes in the northeast began today. The Mela at the Maa Kamakhya Temple in Guwahati began after a two-year gap owing to

The Ambubachi Mela (2022), the biggest concentration of devotes in the northeast began today.

The Mela at the Maa Kamakhya Temple in Guwahati began after a two-year gap owing to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The main doors of the Kamakhya temple has been closed today at 8:18 pm (which is known as ‘Pravritti’ ).

This year, the Ambubachi Mela will conclude at 8:30 am on June 26, known as Nivritti.

Just like every year, several ascetics are already camping in the temple premises.

Approximately 5,000 devotees have already gathered at Kamakhya Railway Station and the old jail complex.

However, due to the continuous flooding in Assam and the concern for an increase in Covid-19 cases, there are some restrictions in place.

This year, the Kamrup (Metro) District Administration expects to draw around 10 lakh devotees to throng the Ambubachi Mela.

Ambubachi Mela

What steps has the Assam government taken to ensure public safety during the Ambubachi Mela?

The Assam government is observing the Mela in a low-key manner.

From the Kamakhya gate to the temple, the police have restricted vehicular traffic. But to transport officials and VIPs from the foothills to the temple, the district administration will provide 25 vehicles.
At least 800 CCTV cameras have been set up for surveillance, with 300 put by the temple administration and 500 by the police.
At various sites around the hills, nine medical camps have been established.

A sufficient number of police officials have been stationed at the temple and on the route heading from the foothills to ensure safety.
The Assam Disaster Management organisation will post three ambulances in addition to fire and rescue vehicles in case of an emergency.

What is Ambubachi Mela ?

The auspicious four-day Ambubachi Mela is an annual festival held at the Kamakhya Temple in Guwahati.

The four days are believed to be Maa Kamakhya’s annual menstrual cycle, and during these times the temple doors remain closed.


Where is Maa Kamakhya temple ?

One of the 52 shakti peethas of the goddess Shakti is known to be the Kamakhya Temple which is located atop Ninanchal Hill.

According to the myth, after her father insulted Lord Shiva, Shakti became enraged and jumped into the fire. Lord Shiva then carried Shakti’s burning body and performed the tandava.

If Shiva would’ve completed the tandava. the universe would’ve been destroyed. Lord Vishnu then released his Sudharshan chakra to stop him from doing so. His Sudharshan chakra split Shakti’s body into five parts.

The Kamakhya Temple was built where the goddess’s womb and genitals fell.

Significance of Ambubachi Mela

Ambubachi, which means to “spoken with water,” implies that this month’s expected rainfall will make the ground ripe for reproduction.
During this time, daily worship is not permitted.

Additionally forbidden are agricultural activities like planting, sowing, and transplanting crops.

On the fourth day, used utensils and clothing are cleansed and symbolically purified by water-sprinkling, while adherents refrain from eating prepared food.

After the cleaning ritual, when it is auspicious to enter the temple, the Goddess is worshipped.
Two types of prasad are given out to the worshippers: Angabastra, or “cloth covering the body,” and Angodak, or “water from the spring.”

First Published: 22nd June, 2022 22:08 IST



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