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Arunachal: Ostracised by villagers Kardong brothers fight for their rights

It may be mentioned here that there have been allegations and counter-allegation between the brothers and the village authority over the ostracism.

The Kardong brothers of Paglam village in Arunachal Pradesh, who have been ostracized by the village heads continue to live a life of hardships, despite repeated appeals made to the state government machinery and human rights commissions to intervene in the case and lift the social boycott they have fallen prey to.

However, what has come as a ray of hope for the two brothers, the SDO Paglam has summoned the Paglam village authorities to the SDO office on Monday.

It may be mentioned here that there have been allegations and counter-allegation between the brothers and the village authority over the ostracism.

The Kardong brothers have demanded appropriate action against the village heads for the unlawful boycott, and have alleged that a total of 13 members of the village authority have a quote-unquote secret understanding with a Delhi-based NGO, namely the Wildlife Trust of India, which is currently working on to a multi-crore Elephant Corridor Project to create a safe passage of wild elephants between D. Ering Wildlife Sanctuary in Arunachal Pradesh and Dibru-Saikhowa Wildlife Sanctuary of Assam.

The Kardong brothers have further alleged that the village heads are misleading the innocent majority of Paglam village for personal monetary gains

The gaon burha on the other hand have refuted all allegations leveled at them by the two brothers. They alleged that the Kardong brothers were not complying with the order and decisions of village heads.

To get a deeper understanding of the issue, Northeast Live visited the Paglam Village for a ground zero report on the matter.

Speaking to Northeast Live, head Gaon Burah, Laising Perme reiterated his previous remark and said that the village authorities’ decision to boycott Kardong brothers was based on the non-compliance of village order and direction to stop and vacate the cultivation of crops in the Sibiya Chapori area reserved for community grazing.

Perme also alleged that Kardong brothers were responsible for killing and injuring Buffaloes and were not paying the fine imposed on them.

In the first instance, the Kardong brothers also confronted the village authorities exclusively on Northeast Live and said they had requested an ample number of times to the village heads to understand their grievances.

However, locals of Siboguri village from Assam living just beside the agricultural land of Dironath Kardong informed that the crops of Kardong brothers were forcefully damaged by some people of Paglam village by letting their cattle graze inside the fields.

When spoken to a Forest guard of Dibru Saikhowa Wildlife Sanctuary camping just near the Assam-Arunachal boundary who revealed that the plantation of saplings was carried out by an NGO by paying wages to the villagers for plantation.

Meanwhile, Northeast Live also interacted with shopkeepers about denial of goods and other items to the Kardong family, to which a few said that they have re-started selling essential items to the Kardong brothers.

First Published: 30th April, 2022 18:23 IST



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