Itanagar Bandh: Provocateurs hired to create disturbances, claims Police

During a press briefing held at Itanagar on January 14th, IGP Law and Order of Arunachal Pradesh Chuku Apa said that as per preliminary investigation into the 36-hour Itnagar Bandh given by the All Nyishi Youth Association it has been learned that anti-social elements were hired from outside the state to create a law and order situation in the state. The aim, Apa said, was to create such a disturbance that destabilises the government of the day.

Police further said that the handlers offered money to the tune of Rs 10 lakh to the bandh callers for creating serious law and order situations in the Itanagar Capital region. The bandh callers, police alleged also had plans to target vital installations to create chaos.

In the meantime, ANYA president Byabang Joram has appealed for the release of the detained members of the organisation claiming that they have done nothing wrong.