Infant killed, mother injured in firing by forest guard at Boko, Assam

In a tragic incident, a 2-year-old infant lost her life after being accidentally shot by forest guards in Boko Assam.

The guards were firing blank shots to chase a herd of wild elephants.

Unfortunately, one of the bullets hit the little girl and her mother.

The girl died on the spot, while her mother was injured.

Infant killed, mother injured

The mother of the infant is currently undergoing treatment at Guwahati Medical College and Hospital (GMCH).

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The girl has been identified as Arbi Daimary and her mother as Malabika Daimary.

The incident took place in Bondapara area of Boko where a herd of elephants descended on paddy fields in search of food.

Infant killed, mother injured

The forest officials were deployed in the area after the elephants injured a local identified as Sanjoy Das.

The incident has sent shockwaves area. Angry locals even blocked National Highway 17 in protest.

Elephants come to the paddy fields of Assam at this time of the year as crops begin to ripen. The elephants roam and east the paddy creating a menace for the farmers and those residing in the nearby areas.