“Centre regrets the loss of life”, says HM Shah, clarifies Mon firing incident due to “mistaken identity”

Union Home Minister Amit Shah today gave a statement in the Lok Sabha on the firing incident in Nagaland’s Mon district. Addressing the house Shah gave the details of what transpired in Mon in the afternoon of December 4th.

The Union Home Minister said that security forces had made attempts to stop the vehicle in which the villagers were coming, however when the vehicle allegedly sped away, the forces resorted to firing which lead to the death of 6 out of the 8 civilians onboard the pickup truck. Later things turned violent when locals reached the spot forcing the security forces to fire in self defence leading to 7 more casualties.

“Army tried to stop the vehicle but because it started speeding away. So the army fired and killed 6 of 8,” Amit Shah said. “It was a case of mistaken identity and army gave medical help to the two injured. Later in clashes, 7 more were killed,” Shah said in Lok Sabha.

Shah informed that a high-level SIT probe has already been constituted and the army has regretted the death of innocent civilians.

“ Situation now under control. Police now inquiring and SIT will give its report in a time-bound manner,” Shah said. He added that the “Army has regretted the death of civilians and is inquiring at the highest level. We are monitoring the situation and govt is keeping a close eye on developments. The centre deeply regrets the loss of life,” added Shah.

However, furious opposition MPs raised protests and objections as Shah sat down after his statement, reiterating demands for a detailed discussion on the incident. Congress had also demanded that Prime Minister Narendra Modi be present in the house during the statement. Let’s listen in once again to what Shah said in his statement in the Lok Sabha.

It may be mentioned that Prime Minister Modi met senior members of his Cabinet, including Shah to discuss the situation and the Centre’s response to it.