Winter Session Heats up more, BJP MPs protest opposition’s unruly behaviour

The Parliament is witnessing a stormy winter session with the government and the opposition refusing to back down over the suspension of the 12 MPs from Rajya Sabha.

After the protests of the opposition at the suspension of 12 of its MPs from the Rajya Sabha the Bharatiya Janata Party MPs, today staged a protest in front of the Parliament against the ‘unruly’ behaviour of the Opposition parties in both the houses.

Since the commencement of the winter session of the Parliament on Monday, there have been continuous disruptions in the functioning of both Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha.
The bedlam in the parliament began with the ruling and the oppsition sides clashing over the repeal of the three farms laws which turned worse with the suspension of the Rajya Sabha MPs.

The 12 MPs, including six from the Congress, two each from the Trinamool Congress (TMC) and Shiv Sena, and one each from the CPI and CPM, were suspended for the rest of the winter session on the very first day following a motion brought in by the treasury bench.