ADC ex-CEO Thanglet announces decision to contest 2022 assembly elections

State BJP executive member and ex-CEO of Churachandpur ADC Henlianthang Thanglet, will be contesting in the upcoming assembly polls of Manipur.

Announcing his intention to contest the forthcoming Manipur Legislative Assembly election 2022 from Singhat (Singngat) constituency, has spelt out his main political agenda which based on which he will fight in the polls. It includes demand for Territorial Council, empowerment of Autonomous District Council and protection of tribals’ land rights.

Disclosing the reasons for his decision to contest in the forthcoming election, Henlianthang stressed that the tribal people need to take proactive steps to protect their lands as the present ADC is neither under the 5th nor the 6th schedule of the Indian constitution, calling it “just a council or a grant-in-aid”.
He further said that ADC is not capable of protecting the tribal rights over land and providing the needs and aspirations of the tribal populace in this part of the land.

Henlianthang then said that the UPF of SoO groups demanded the southern territorial council for which he is a member of the draft committee and knows very well about what is inclusive and exclusive of the draft. Other development schemes under the flagship programmes of the state and central governments are bound to come on their own but such a government mechanism needs to be installed to protect the rights of tribals, especially in the southern districts, he added.