Police recovers body of 55 year old man from locked house in Guwahati

Police recovered the body of a 55- year-old man from a house in the Lakhiminagar path in Guwahati’s Hatigaon area last night.

The deceased has been identified as Milan Chettri.

Chettri is suspected to have been murdered at least three days ago.

Police have also recovered a dagger lying beside the body.

The body was recovered after neighbours complained about foul smells emanating from the house from the past few days.

Following the complaints, when a team of Dispur Police broke down the door and entered the house, they reportedly found Chettri’s body lying in a pool of blood.

According to reports, Milan Chettri was the caretaker of the house, whereas the owner of the house, Aataur Rehman stays in Jorhat.

It has been learned that Chettri used to earn a living as a painter.

Earlier, he used to live with his son and wife but owing to a family dispute his wife and son left him. Following which he stayed alone in the house.

It is to be mentioned that this is reportedly the 8th murder case in Guwahati in a span of two months.

As per the latest reports Dispur Police have initiated an investigation on the matter.