Peace talks: Naga Hoho calls for ‘physical integration’ of Naga areas

With the Naga peace talks reaching a critical juncture the Naga Hoho today asserted that any political settlement without the physical integration of Naga areas would be incomplete.

Reacting to the statements made regarding Naga Hoho’s working its General Secretary Elu Ndang pointed out that for the Naga body question of political settlement is linked with the Nagas living under one administration.

Speaking to Northeast Live, Ndang referred to the Whitepaper that the Naga Hoho had come up in the year 2002 which had encompassed all Nagas, irrespective of the areas in which they were living.

During the release of the document, the Naga Hoho had vowed to protect the identity of all the Naga Tribes despite the “unfortunate arbitrary political boundaries” between them. It had also assured that the Hoho would try to solve the inter-tribe strife impartially. Ndang’s statement today reflected the same sentiment.

“The Whitepaper on Naga Integration was published in 2002 by Naga Hoho. It includes all the Naga tribes (and) all the Naga people across borders and it was widely researched and tabled in a federal assembly which was approved by the federal assembly of Naga Hoho and accepted by every Naga tribe. Therefore, the Naga Hoho (will) strive for the physical integration of Naga areas, land and its people and so any political settlement without integration would be incomplete and that would not usher in any lasting peace in the Naga areas,” Ndang said.

Ndang also affirmed that the organisation continues to pursue an inclusive agreement that will include all Naga areas.

He asserted that the Naga Hoho will pursue the integration of Naga areas although the central and state leaders have informed that the issue of integration has been dropped from the ongoing talks.

Reiterating that the Naga Hoho stands by the principle of the Naga National Movement he assured that the Naga Hoho endeavours for an early political solution and are committed to working for peace.