Phase-I of solving the Assam-Meghalaya border dispute likely by December 31st

The Chief Ministerial visit to Langpih ended on a positive note with both Chief Ministers exuding confidence that the inter-state border dispute is going to be solved amicably.

Speaking to the press Chief Minister of Meghalaya Conrad Sangma called the visit historic as this was for the first time that Chief Ministers of both states have visited the locations and has interacted with the locals.

“We want to give the people of the area a message of positivity, friendship and goodwill and commitment to people of both states and that both the governments are very serious about this issue and that we would like to move forward and find an amicable and acceptable solution.”

He also informed that the committees would submit the reports to the respective Chief Ministers by the 30th of November. The Chief Ministers would then consult with the respective stakeholders of both the states within a span of two weeks and then meet again to arrive at a final picture to be presented to the public.

He also expressed confidence that with the leadership of both the states with the respective teams an amicable and acceptable solution can be reached for six areas of dispute in the first phase.

Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma informed that there is every possibility that the entire exercise might be over by the 31st December this year if the ‘present spirit continues.

However, he clarified that Langpi is not part of the six areas on which both the governments are looking to settle in the first phase. He assured the people of both the states that although only six areas have been taken for the first phase all areas of dispute will be resolved later either phase-wise or in totality.

He also congratulated the respective regional committees for their behind-the-scenes work that has made all of it possible.