Booth level Mega Covid Vaccination planned for Assam, CM, Ministers to supervise

In an effort to complete a hundred percent Covid vaccinations in Assam, a week-long mega vaccination drive from November 22 to November 29 has been planned by the Assam Government. To make this mega-vaccination drive process a success, a massive moblisation of manpower involving the voter rolls of Assam has been designed.

Assam Chief Minister Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma, in a video conference with Health Minister Keshav Mahanta directed the SPs and DSPs of different districts to complete all the necessary preparations to meet the target of providing 100 percent covid vaccination in their respective districts.

All ministers, senior government officials will be involved in the mega vaccination drive. The health department will refer to a voter list of each polling booth so that no one gets overlooked.

The Chief Minister to Chief Secretary, ministers of various departments, health workers, ASHA karmis, Anganwadi workers, and village heads will be responsible for their designated polling booths. They will visit each household under the polling booth and collect the data of vaccinated people and those who are yet to get vaccines.

Under this drive, a government official will collect the data, including the person’s contact information and the state in which they are currently residing. Officials will also note if a person has not received the Covid-19 vaccine or is currently residing outside of Assam.