Beijing tightens curbs on travel amid Covid case surge

Beijing : China is facing yet another outbreak of the coronavirus, and is taking major steps to curb its spread any further. China has logged new cases for five consecutive days, most of which has been reported from the northern and northwestern areas of the country.

Authorities in China have already begun to take steps, and restrictions have been imposed once again. China has cancelled hundreds of flights, and have started mass testing. China’s Northwest province, has announced the suspension of all tourism activities after a surge in the COVID-19 cases in the region. All tourists in Lanzhou, where most COVID-19 cases in the province were reported; required to stay-in whichever place they were and be quarantined.

Moreover, schools have also been shut for now. Beijing has continued to impose strict border closures, and targeted lockdowns, while trying to ease the restrictions in a systematic manner.

The National Health Commission of China anticipated the increase in the number of COVID-19 cases that resurged in the country lately. The Chinese media reports said that the latest surge in the cases has been triggered by the Delta variant. Most of the infections that spread in nearly 11 provinces since October 17 have been found to be due to cross-region tourism activities. It has also been reported that the Chinese government has also urged the public to take the booster shots of the COVID-19 vaccines to reduce the risks of the resurgence of the cases.