Tibetan President canceled Oct 20 trip to Arunachal to save India from ‘Embarrassment’


Penpa Tsering, President of the Tibetan government-in-exile made shocking revelations on his canceled trip to Arunachal Pradesh.

“I canceled my trip to Arunachal Pradesh because there was some border issue and 20th October also marks the Chinese aggression on India of 1962 and we don’t want to put India into any kind of embarrassment, therefore, we canceled my visit,” he said while talking to the correspondent of Northeast Live.

He was answering the questions on what will be his strategy for Tibetan people and their Free Tibet campaign.

Penpa Tsering, President of the Tibetan government-in-exile in India was accorded with grand welcome in Gangtok by the Tibetan community of Sikkim on Saturday, October 23rd.

This was his maiden visit after becoming President this year. However, Tsering shied away from answering any political questions on Tibet.

When he was asked that what will be the strategy as far as the Tibetan community about their Free Tibet campaign Tsering said “this is not (a) political visit I am here to meet my people.”

When he was asked about protest campaigns over Beijing being the host of the 2022 Winter Olympics he said “if a country like China which is authoritarian countries where there is no respect and (they) don’t respect the human rights so supporting and participating in such event becomes supporter and became part of the system so, therefore, it becomes important to send a message and (that) this is not acceptable in this 21st century not just political but from various aspects”.

Penpa Tsering is the 2nd democratic elected Sikyong or President of the Tibetan Government in exile or the Central Tibetan Administration. India and China have been on tenterhooks for some time now.

The Indian and Chinese armies found themselves face to face in Arunachal Pradesh when the latter crossed the Mcmohan line or the LAC into India. Though the latter backed off it made the areas lying in the trans-Himalayan border between India and China tenser.

A few days after the fresh stand-off the military talks between India and China collapsed failing to yield any outcome.

China and India clashed over the recent visit of the Indian Vice-President to Arunachal Pradesh with the former objecting to it. To which India replied that China had ‘no standing’ to comment on Indian leaders visiting any Indian state.

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