MTV Supermodel: Arunachal’s Roshni Dada Wins, Sikkim’s Eksha Runner Up

Roshni Dada, Miss Arunachal 2019 has emerged as the winner of the MTV Supermodel of the year season 2 2021. Roshni scripts a double whammy as she is the first Arunachlee woman to participate in the glamourous show.

Eksha Subba from Sikkim
Eksha Subba from Sikkim

It is also a double win for the Northeast with Eksha Hangma Subba becoming the runner-up in the same contest. Even before winning the show, Eksha captured the imagination of, millions with her profile. Eksha, police by profession, is a boxer and biker as well.

Roshni Dada from Arunachal Pradesh
Roshni Dada, MTV Supermodel of the Year 2021

In the finale which is going to be aired tonight Eksha after qualifying different rounds of the MTV Supermodel of the Year Season 2 had reached the final and where she was declared the first runners up.

The show was started with Eksha Hangma Subba, Swapna Priyadarshini, Muna Gauchan, Jayshree Roy, Siya Malasi, Joanne Fernandez, Nishi Bhardwaj, Anaika Nair, Roshni Dada, Thomsina D’Mello, Diksha Thapa, Monisha Sen, Pearl Seth, Palak Singhal, Kashish Ratnani.
The models have given tough competition to each other. In the season, we have also seen fights among the models. They have fought, not only for the game but personally too. The models have faced new and innovative challenges every week and gave their more than a hundred percent.