Assam’s Judima rice beer gets GI tag: NE Live Exclusive

The traditional Judima rice beer of Assam’s Dima Hasao district has got the prestigious gets GI tag. With this, the Judima rice beer has become the first beverage from the Northeast to recieve a GI tag.

Members of Dimajik Hosom expressed their joy after the Judima rice beer got the GI tag. Community members said that this has brought more responsibility in regards to maintaining its quality taste, colour and aroma.

For promotion of Tourism and to spread the identity of Judima as the traditional brew of the Dimasa Community, the community members stated that they are committed to the cause. They also stated that they are also looking forward to promoting the local textile of the Dimajik Hosom in association with all the local womenfolk who are experts in making Judima and other traditional items.

Describing the preparation of Judima and its uses, President of the Dimajik Hosom shared many aspects of the Judima rice beer drink.



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