In a major fillip to road infrastructure, the Central government has proposed for the construction of a 15.6 km twin-tunnel under the Brahmaputra river in Assam.

The tunnel will be of strategic importance as it will provide round the year connectivity between Assam and Arunchal Pradesh and will also cut the travel time between both the two states.

The tunnel will also provide a direct link between Gohpur on NH-54 and Numaligarh on NH-37 in Assam.

The total length of the project will be approximately 33 km, including the 15.6 km tunnel and 18 km approach roads to connect to the highway.

The underwater road tunnel will be constructed with latest state-of-the-art technique which will help the vehicles to operate at a speed of 80 kilometre per hour.

As per reports, the tunnel, which will be built at a cost Rs 12,807 crore, will be constructed in three phases.

The twin tunnel that will be constructed under Brahmaputra river will have two different capsules for seamless movement of traffic from both the sides. Each of the two tunnels will have two lanes for smooth flow of traffic and will be built 22 metres below the river bed.

It will also have security features that include emergency exit, drainage system, crash barrier system and will also have a ventilation system for the flow of fresh air into the tunnel.

The project will be funded entirely by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways.