Tripura Royal Scion and Tipra Motha chief Pradyot Kishore Manikya Deb Barman is a man on a mission. Deb Barman is busy reaching out to all regional parties and organisations with the aim to form an alternate indigenous political front.

Speaking exclusively to Northeast Live, the Tipra Motha chief said that the aim of forming an alternate regional front is to maintain the unity among the states and ensure that cooperation over various matters is achieved.

Talking on the political equations in Tripura which have already heated up for the state polls in 2023, Dev Barman said that Tipra Motha is ready to align with any party that agrees to their demand for Greater Tipraland in writing.

On the issue of Greater Tipraland, Dev Barman asserted that it is not outside the constitutional purview and seeks to extend the Tribal Council areas within the boundaries of the state of Tripura while also seeking welfare for the Tripuri or Reang communities outside the state.