The chorus to demand justice for former HNLC leader Cherishterfield Thangkiew is only getting louder with more groups joining the protests.

A mass rally cum candlelight vigil was organised in Shillong on Tuesday under the initiative of “The Voice of people of Malki” which saw participation from various other local bodies including members of the ‘Voice of People of Mawlai’ which has been spearheading the protests so far.

The rally which began from the Malki ground went around several localities before culminating back at the same ground.

The rally also saw many members of local organizations address the gathering including Brother of Late Cherishterfield Thangkiew, Granary Starfield Thangkhiew.

Talking to newspersons, Marbud Dkhar a member of the Voice of people of Mawlai said that the delay from the side of the Government to suspend the cops who were involved in the alleged encounter of the late former HNLC leader will only prolong the agitations.

Dkhar added that more organizations have joined the cause in the demand for the removal of the senior cops.