In a significant move, Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma on Monday announced that seven sub-committees will be formed for the development of the tea tribe community.

This was announced by Chief Minister Sarma in the four-hour long meeting he held with intellectuals and ministers from the tea tribe community.

The crucial meeting, titled ‘Hamder Moner Kotha’, revolved around the several issues pertaining to the tea community, and finding ways to address them.

Taking to Twitter, Sarma wrote, “Assam is forever grateful to Tea Tribes for their sparkling contributions. Their prosperity is our priority. Towards this, joined ‘Humder Moner Kotha’ a dialogue with intellectuals, eminent citizens & Cabinet colleagues. The deliberative process will continue for 6 months.”

The Chief Minister further said that based on the recommendations of the sub-committees after studying all issues and submission of reports, state government will include provisions for their socio-eco upliftment in next Budget.

Meanwhile, ministers present in the meeting have opined that it is for the first time that the meeting of such significance was held post independence.