With speculations rife over an opposition-less government in Nagaland, the Naga People’s Front has shifted the ball to the BJP’s court. Soon after the consultative meeting of the NPF MLAs in Kohima, party president Shurhozelie Liezietsu on Saturday said that it is for the BJP to decide on the matter.

Liezietsu maintained that the party leadership endorses the decision of the NPF MLAs to be a part of the Nagaland United Government. The NPF president stated that his party backs the idea solely for the Naga issue.

Apart from this Leizietsu also added that his party MLAs will not have any kind of pre-conditions or shall accept any offer if made from the PDA.

Meanwhile, the Naga People’s Front has adopted a 3-point resolution backing for an opposition-less government in the state.

In a consultative meeting of all the NPF MLAs held in Kohima, the party at first endorsed the resolution on formation of an all party government with the nomenclature of ‘Nagaland United Government signed by the NDPP, BJP and the NPF on August 11 and August 13 respectively.

Secondly, the NPF also re-endorsed the President and the Leader of the NPF legislature wing to nominate few members from both the party functionaries and the Legislators for proper co-ordination.

Meanwhile, the NPF while reiterating its stand for acceptable, inclusive and an honourable solution to the Naga political issue, urged upon the Centre as well as the NSCN(I-M) and NNPGs to arrive at a logical conclusion on the Naga issue.

Besides, the NPF also appealed other Naga national groups to reconsider their stand and join the peace process in the interest of the Naga people.