Around 80 Gaon Burahs or village heads of insurgency-infested Tirap district of Arunachal Pradesh have taken the pledge to ‘say no to extortion’ to militants from now on.

The decision was taken unanimously by the Goan Burahs during a security co-ordination meeting held recently at the battalion headquarters of the Assam Rifles at Khonsa, the headquarters of Tirap district.

The meet was convened to discuss and prevent the menace of extortion by the insurgent groups.

The village heads are of the opinion that since the security forces are providing them the much needed protection, they have no reason to pay any kind of extortion to the insurgent groups.

It is worth mentioning that the reports of rampant extortion activities by insurgent groups are regular in 3 eastern districts of Arunachal Pradesh including Tirap. Most of these activities are perpetrated by underground groups as means to generate funds.

The meeting, which was chaired by Colonel A. K. Das, Commanding Officer of 6 Assam Rifles, was also attended by police officials and officials from the civil administration.

During the security meet, the village heads were urged to have faith in Assam Rifles and Tirap Police and report any wrongdoings immediately.