A major fire broke out in an Oil India Limited Pipeline passing through the Dehing-Patkai National Park on Saturday, leading to chaos and apprehensions among the locals.

The pipeline was laid by Oil India Limited and is connected to the nearby Jurajan Oil Collecting Station inside the newly created Dehing Patkai National Park. OIL sources informed that the fire might have broken out after crude oil thieves tried to steal the oil by pilfering the high pressure pipeline.

It needs to be mentioned here that theft of crude oil and condensate has become a major problem for the petroleum giant OIL due to which it is facing losses to the tune of crores of rupees. Your channel North East Live has also exclusively highlighted this issue recently.

The company had even decided to use superior technology like use of drones and other gadgets to curb crude oil theft but still the problem persists. Several vehicles were stranded due to the fire which was finally doused by the fire engines of the company.