Aiming development of the hill areas of Manipur, the Hills Area Committee of the Manipur Legislative Assembly on Thursday introduced the Manipur (Hill Areas) Autonomous District Councils Bill, 2021.

Speaking to media regarding the newly drafted bill chairman of Hills Area Committee K Leishiyo said that the Hills Area Committee had unanimously drafted the bill for the welfare of the people of the hill areas.

He said that even after getting the Statehood in 1972, the ADC has been implementing the Act which was enacted by Parliament since the time when Manipur was a union territory.

He added that the bill has been submitted to the state government so that it can be tabled on the floor of the Assembly and that if the newly drafted bill is passed by the August House and turned into an Act, it will be effective in bringing great development to the hill areas.

Member of the committee, Alfred Kanngam Arthur said the bill has been unanimously drafted by the committee after thorough discussion for four-and-half-years and it contains certain special provisions for the development of the hills.

Arthur added that The newly drafted bill has made it very clear to ensure development of the hill areas at the same time ensuring the unity of the state.