The Himanta Biswa Sarma led-government in Assam completed a hundred days in office on Friday. A special cabinet meet was held on the occasion to discuss the roadmap ahead.

CM Sarma later held a press meeting wherein he highlighted the achievements of the government over the last three months.

Sarma also announced a massive outreach to districts wherein every month Cabinet meetings will be held at different district headquarters.

Talking about the state government’s tackling of the Covid menace, CM Sarma said that the state has done its best in tackling the pandemic and that is how the Covid numbers are quite low in Assam.

To mark the completion of 100 days, CM Sarma announced several decisions related to education, administration, economic relief.

Here’s the list of important decisions made by the Assam Cabinet:

1. State govt increases Arunodoi Scheme amount from Rs. 830 to Rs. 1000 monthly with immediate effect.

2. India Geography and India History, Assam Geography, Assam History will be compulsory in schools up to classes ten.

3. Guwahati city transport to completely shift to electric vehicles. The Cabinet has decided to purchase 200 electric buses and 100 CNG-operated buses. Diesel buses will stop operating in Guwahati.

4. For those affected economically by COVID-19 the government has come forward to provide relief to two sectors: a) Bus drivers and helpers to receive Rs. 10,000 (one-time) through an ASTC portal. This will benefit 60,000 people.

b) Priests of temples and functionaries of Namghars to receive Rs. 15,000.

c) Moreover, street vendors who could not do business in the evenings, tent houses and other such businesses will also soon get government relief, the chief minister.
5. Senior Secondary School – 9, 10, 11, 12 will follow changes as per the new National Education Policy. Every High School will now be a Higher Secondary School. Junior Colleges will have class 9 and 10. By April 2022, when the colleges will open, the concept of Senior Secondary School will be started.