The Poumai Naga Officers’ Federation (PNOF) has donated a power generator to COVID-19 Isolation Ward at the District Hospital in Senapati district in Manipur on Thursday.

PNOF president P Duna Duo officially handed over the power generator to medical superintendent, District Hospital, Senapati in presence of Additional District Magistrate Adahrii Maheo, doctors and other officials.

The total cost of the power generator 30 KVA power generator, including installation, is approximately Rs 5.2 lakh.

Senapati Covid ward generator

“We are grateful to the PNOF for donating the much-needed power generator to the COVID-19 isolation ward. This was an immediate requirement for fighting against the pandemic, which is an effective tool for the treatment of COVID-19 patients in the Senapati district,” said the district hospital authority.

Speaking to media persons, P Duna Duo, MCS, SDO/BDO Songsong, who is the president of PNOF, said they are aware that the government is doing all it can in this fight against the disease. However, the government cannot do everything all the time, government also have limitations in terms of resources and manpower. Thus, we wanted to show support to the government and also express our concerns for our people during these unprecedented extraordinary times.”

“We were told that the District Hospital, Senapati needed a generator urgently for uninterrupted use of oxygen concentrator and other appliances for COVID-19 patients, so we decided to procure it from Guwahati and donate it. We hope it helps in saving our people’s life,” he added.

While appreciating the contribution, the district magistrate expressed gratitude to the federation on behalf of the district administration and district health society. He said that it will go a long way in ensuring critical care for patients at the district hospital.

It may be mentioned that the PNOF had earlier extended help for relief during the first wave of COVID-19 pandemic. As Covid relief, the team deposited cash to 521 individuals belonging to the Poumai community who were stranded outside the state last year during lockdown.