As Mizoram battles the COVID-19 crisis, CM Zoramthanga on Wednesday highlighted how the state fought against the onslaught of COVID-19 pandemic.

In a 12-minute-long video speech released by the Chief Minister’s Office, Zoramthanga spoke about how youths from the state voluntarily took up the crucial task of sealing off and monitoring Mizoram’s international border with Myanmar and Bangladesh, during the first wave of the pandemic.

The CM also spoke about the Community Covid Care Centres (CCCC), which are temporary Covid Care Centres based at church buildings and community halls. These are set up to alleviate the burden on hospitals and CCCs. Zoramthanga added that the facilities required at these CCCCs are provided largely by the local community and church itself.

The CM also lauded the medics, local task forces, private doctors, nurses, medical experts and the local community at large, who volunteered to fight COVID-19, for extending invaluable help to the state government in its efforts to curtail the pandemic.

Another unique feature that the CM spoke about is the setting up of loudspeakers and public address systems in every locality of the state which are provided and managed by the local NGOs. These, he said, are used to announce any Covid related emergencies, which reaches every household of the locality.

Zoramthanga, in his address, also touched upon the CM’s Covid Relief Fund and thanked the thousands of people from various walks of life who came forward voluntarily to contribute their bit to the fight against the pandemic.

Finally, the Chief Minister spotlighting the special category status of his state, said that he has written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to make Covid vaccinations free of cost for all age groups in the hill state, thus becoming the first NDA ally to voice such a demand.

Furthermore, Zoramthanga added that he even rallied other chief ministers of the northeast to support his request.