In wake of the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Agartala Municipal Corporation (AMC) came up with a unique initiative to convey the awareness about the spread of the viral infection using graffiti in public places.

As per Siddharth Shiv Jaiswal, Agartala Municipal Commissioner. the initiative was taken as part of the city beautification project.

“As part of the city beautification project, we are refurbishing old walls with social messages. Our latest paintings highlight COVID appropriate behavior,” said Jaiswal.

He informed that about 60,000 square feet of walls across the city have already been painted and work is in progress in another 25,000 square feet.

E1tYVbuXEAA L1g“The target is to cover a total of one lakh square feet. Social messaging on various themes including women empowerment, environment conservation, eve-teasing, social discrimination, spiritual themes, places of tourist attraction, important personalities among others are being covered. Recently with the funding of the National Health Mission (NHM) paintings are being done on health lifestyle theme including COVID-19 appropriate behaviour, precautions that needed to be undertaken to curb the spread of virus and depiction of the hard work of the frontline workers protecting human life during this ongoing pandemic is being depicted in the graffiti,” said Jaiswal who is also NHM Managing Director.

The Municipal Commissioner claimed that the paintings are not only creating awareness but also “boosting the morale of frontline warriors by giving recognition to their work”.


Jaiswal informed that the administration is involving students and former students of the local art college for painting on the walls.

“Along with beautification, special features of the state are also being promoted to the common people, and side by side the local young painting talents are also getting an opportunity to display their creativity,” he added. (ANI)