The Exit Polls for the just concluded Assam Assembly elections have generally predicted a comfortable victory for the BJP-led NDA in the State over the Congress-led Mahajot tie-up.

The CNX-Republic TV Exit polls, have given the BJP and its allies between 74 to 84 seats which means that this poll has predicted a clear absolute majority for the BJP-led alliance.

The Congress-led Mahajot, according to the CNX-Republic Exit Polls is expected to secure between 40 to 50 seats and others between one and three.

According to the CNX-Republic TV Exit polls, the party-wise projections is – BJP (60-66 seats), Congress (26-28 seats), AGP (10-14 seats), AIUDF (11-13 seats), BPF (5-7 seats), UPPL (3-5 seats) and Others (1-3 seats). The projections indicate that the main parties will perform pretty much the same way that they did in the last State elections in 2016.

The results of the Assam Assembly elections will be out on May 2,